Klient: Own project
Zadanie: Packaging design
Rok: 2020

Pink Boost from rebell to friends.

We believe that coffee makes the world a better place. The main goal of the project was to create coffee, thanks to which the proverbial "sip" in the morning will give a kick to the whole day of new challenges.

Aromatic PINK BOOST coffee was created mainly thanks to the strength and determination of women. First, the beans come from the girls who grow small coffee plants in Sidamo. Then the Zao Coffee small roaster, whose passion for coffee is contagious. Finally, Rebell and our creative women who came up with the name and designed a unique packaging.

This coffee brings the message that a woman has an extraordinary POWER. Everything you touch turns into beauty in a surprising way. From what is small and inconspicuous, it brings out what is special and unrepeatable. In order to fully reveal the properties of PINK BOOST coffee, it is brewed in a dripper. The unique taste and hidden strength will give you a pleasant boost every day!