Klient: Allegro.pl
Zadanie: Series of educational videos about brafitting
Rok: 2020

Have you ever wondered why properly selected underwear is so important? And how a poorly selected bra affects our daily "so so". Well, wearing a wrong fitting bra can cause pain in the neck, shoulders or spine. In stores, the choice is wide, but do each of us know how to choose your perfect-fitting bra?

Together with Allegro Moda, we have implemented a project that respond to these and other needs of our "tits". We recorded a series of videos on YT titled "Babskie Sprawy", which are a guide to the world of cups, sizes, underwires and lace. A professional brefitter Weronika Nowicka took us on this wonderful adventure.

Director: Zuzanna Dąbrowska, Allegro
Strategy, Production & Art Direction: Rebell Studio
Motion Design, Creation: Zuzanna Dąbrowska, Allegro